Uniforms Services


The EDMUNDSER brand has branched into servicing corporate sectors of South East Asia through manufacturing designer uniforms. EDMUNDSER has supplied uniforms to banks, hotels, airlines, jewellery, travel, beauty, corporate, insurance, entertainment, healthcare, shopping malls and telecommunication sectors.

The brand started off their first uniform business in 1991 and has grown to conceptualise the aesthetic look for its clients through the uniforms. The EDMUNDSER brand is now a fully corporate servicing company catering uniforms to corporate giants.

EDMUNDSER designs, conceptualises and manufactures made-to-measure uniforms for employees of corporate companies. With skillful cutters, tailors and designers, EDMUNDSER does its best to embody the overall look of the company in the uniforms it manufactures. Attention to detail is one of the key reasons why the brand has been continuously patronized by its clients.

From suitable fabrics, colour schemes, feasibility of the uniforms in adhering to the employees’ work to design and style, EDMUNDSER is the sought after uniform manufacturer. We design and consult with the companies’ management. We tailor the uniforms to every individual’s fit (made-to-measure). We provide alteration services, delivery of the uniforms and friendly constant customer service.

Do e-mail us at info@edmundser.com to discuss further.