In 2002, Ser recognized a move in the fashion industry wherein a more free-hand, designer-driven expression without the hefty price tag was sought after. Hence, for the emergence of Spade by Edmund Ser. Spade occupies a niche in the fashion scene that straddles the experimental and popular taste.

The Spade apparel are designed with an edge for a Spade girl to mix and match with her individual sense of style. The name was born, appropriately, during a game of cards between the designer and his daughter. Spade was the new trump card in the Malaysian fashion arena during the new millennium.

Spade covers all bases for the women with an eye on style and value: tops, jackets, skirts, pants and dresses. At work, at play, the fashion message is cool contemporary chic, played out in body-friendly fabrics such as polyamide, lycra and polyester mixes.